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A Tradition of Quality

This year marks the 118th Anniversary of Ring’s End. Our long term success is due solely to the continued
loyalty of our customers. All of us at Ring’s End would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity
to fulfill your building and home improvement needs. You’re holding our annual Source Book. As you
browse through it, you'll find a sampling of the thousands of products that we carry to help you improve
an existing home or build a new one. Ring's End is a consistent, reliable source for all types of building
materials. You can count on us to offer only the highest quality products, prompt delivery, sound advice
on all types of projects and friendly service, all at extremely competitive prices. We hope that you find this
catalog useful, and we invite you to call us with any questions you may have. Remember, this catalog is a
representation of the products available from Ring's End. If you don't see an item you need, please call us.
Chances are we have it in stock or we'll be able to order it for you. All of us at Ring's End want you to know
that we greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you during this - our 119th year.

     CATALOG PRICING                                                         GIFT CARDS
                                                                    available in any denomination
     This publication is to be used as a
                                                                RETURN POLICY:
                                                     We stand behind every product we sell. If you have
   Due to price fluctuations in the lumber and       any problem with an in-stock item purchased, bring it
   building materials markets, it is impossible for  back with your receipt, and we'll exchange it or refund
   us to realistically price many of the products    your money. In some cases, a 15% restocking fee may
   we sell in an annual catalog. Prices over the
   life of this catalog may, at any time, be higher  apply. DELIVERY POLICY:
   or lower than those we've indicated at press      ORDERS OVER $500 - DELIVERED FREE!
   time. Please call us for current pricing and
   specials before placing your order. Note that     to areas within our customary delivery zones. Orders
   some items are not stocked in all locations.      under $500 delivered for $20. Deliveries will be made as
   Please call the location you are interested in    soon as possible after your order is placed.
   purchasing from to confirm availability. 	
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                    Printed April 2020
                                                       CASH or CHECK • CREDIT CARDS • HOUSE CHARGE

                                                     On the Cover

           Builder: Sapia Builders · Architect: Scot Samuelson · Designer: Janine Dowling
Custom Marvin Windows, Upstate Entry Doors, Upstate Interior Doors, Solid Gold Interior & Exterior Trim, Clear Vertical

        Grain Cedar Clapboard Siding, Red Cedar Roof, Ring's End Custom Interior & Exterior Moulding Profiles.

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