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Ring's End offers many complimentary services to Architects and Builders that save time, energy,
and money, including:

 • Research and comparisons of building products in any category
 • Connecting you with vendor representatives in your area
 • A variety of accredited educational events to help satisfy your license requirements
 • Consultation assistance with custom product specifications
 • Preliminary budget pricing
 • Energy performance reviews and consultation on LEED/Green Building projects
 • Assistance with Historical Society presentations and review board requirements
 • Ring's End sponsored trips to a variety of supplier/partner's manufacturing facilities.
 • Meeting with you and your client at any one of Ring's End's fine showrooms to review your


              FOR BUILDERS

Ring’s End offers many services directed to the construction industry. They include:

•	 Road Sales - Jobsite Consultation  •	 Warranty and Registration Forms
•	 Plan Take-Offs                     •	 Material Safety Data Sheets
•	 Shop Drawings - Windows & Doors    •	 Moffett truck-mounted forklift delivery
•	 Hardware scheduling

We'd like you to consider your Ring’s End Sales Representatives as partners in your success. Ring’s End
is dedicated to providing continuing education for builders and contractors. Most of these events
are held in our Stratford educational center, and most are free – all you have to do is register and then
show up! Programs cover a wide variety of subjects, from learning the ins and outs of new products
to training in the latest business software and marketing strategies. We also partner with the Home
Builders’ Association to offer professional seminars in everything from OSHA construction rules to
green building to financial management.

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